Bienvenidos a los Chorrones. Ideal para todo tipo de públicos, es especialmente recomendable para los niños, pues en los alrededores podrán jugar y correr sin que haya ningún peligro para ellos. x

Come and enjoy nature in a cozy wooden cottage.


The village

Casa Rural Los Chorrones is located in the small town of Castejon de Henares, in the province of Guadalajara.

“Castejon is behind a small high, wedged in a narrow valley. A walk through the village takes us to church, sixteenth century, near which is believed was a Muslim fortress; before, the traveler can drink water from the old jurisdictional roll, now converted into a public fountain. Castejon, cidiano myth transcends the verses of the Song to seize the foundations of an old adobe house and masonry, at the entrance of the village, called La Casa del Cid. Various legends haunt the house -there lived lover Cid, under its foundations a great treasure was saved, etc.-; the traveler can choose the one you seduce.

The villa is located between the regions of the Alcarria and countryside. Main elements of its architecture emphasize the church, the City and Jurisdictional Rollo become public source.

The festivities are held in August and September being its patron Saint Michael the Archangel (29 of September)” Wikipedia, June 2019

The people traditionally devoted to agriculture, horticulture, livestock and the use of natural resources. Today it is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of cereal (wheat, barley, rye), to legumes and corn. Irrigated areas by the many streams that run through the town and Las Vegas are dedicated to orchards of all kinds of vegetables and fruit trees. Of the latter, the most characteristic is the walnut or walnut, In addition cherry, wild and planted plums, olive trees olive verdeja, among others.