Bienvenidos a los Chorrones. Ideal para todo tipo de públicos, es especialmente recomendable para los niños, pues en los alrededores podrán jugar y correr sin que haya ningún peligro para ellos. x

The Cottage

Casa de construcción de madera, de dos dormitorios: one bed, plus cot (mattress, but no sheets or pillow), and one with two single beds; baño con ducha; cocina completa con fregadero, vitrocerámica, horno, frigorífico, microwave, Italian coffee maker, sandwichera, blender and washing machine; dining room with sofa bed and TV, además de terraza, porch and garden, in large plot of a garden antigüo. Dotada, también, con sábanas y toallas. The garden hose and on the porch can be left bicycles under cover.
Located in an old orchard, which it has been allocated a portion to planting some vegetables organically. Fully integrated in nature, rodeada de vegetación y a 120 metros del núcleo urbano.
Currently it has an area with aromatic plants: Espliego, lavender, jasmine, thyme, etc. and some fruit trees, It has started planting different varieties of plants, and the placement of pots with decorative and will be maintained all year round flowers. Part of the plot is on a slope asilvestrada, where there is a fig tree, a laurel, yedra and small lilos. Fennel is also produced and, season, asparagus. The most abundant plant is the yedra.
GASTRONOMY.- In this area roast lamb and kid are typical, as well as lamb stew, crumbs, the snails, The hunt, the battered cod, Honey, asparagus and all kinds of vegetables, among other specialties. In some restaurants in the area can make orders for roasts and other dishes and enjoy them comfortably in the house. Information of some restaurants.
BATHING: Dulce river and swamp Pálmaces. LOCAL POOL, PADDLE TENNIS AND TENNIS COURT, located in a pleasant natural setting just minutes from Castejon, in the town of Mandayona. The pool is open during the months of July and August. Other nearby municipal pools are Siguenza and Jadraque, salt latter dechlorinated.
NATURAL PARK RIO DULCE.- In the Rio Dulce, passing through Mandayona there is a nice pool with waterfall where bathing is possible. Already in the River Canyon, in the villages of Aragosa, Cabrera and Pelegrina there are areas where you can cool off in the river.
BAR-SOCIAL CENTER OF TOWN: next to the city hall is the social center where you can have an aperitif, the coffee, or enjoy the evening in the cool of the terrace. It is also possible to order in advance some dishes.
Fronton and football court: In the village there a ballgame or racquetball and tennis fenced futsal.
It HAS GAMES: Rummikub, decks of cards, Trivial, and more.
CONSTRUCCIÓN DE MADERA. -Este tipo de construcción es más ecológica en relación con las construcciones tradicionales, siendo más respetuosa con el medio ambiente.
Es mejor aislante térmico y acústico. Wood wick moisture: estabiliza el grado de humedad, y filtra y purifica el aire.
El campo bioeléctrico natural de la madera proporciona, además, a state of balance in the human body.
TRANQUILIDAD ABSOLUTA.- Al encontrarse fuera del pueblo y en plena naturaleza, los sonidos más característicos son los cantos de la gran variedad de pájaros.
IDEAL PARA LOS NIÑOS.-Al poder hacer vida exterior se les posibilita la iniciación en el ambiente rural, al tiempo que conocerán las prácticas del trabajo en el campo.