Bienvenidos a los Chorrones. Ideal para todo tipo de públicos, es especialmente recomendable para los niños, pues en los alrededores podrán jugar y correr sin que haya ningún peligro para ellos. x

Covid protocol


In line with obligations, demands and recommendations of the Secretary of State for Tourism and our common sense, from Casa Rural Los Chorrones we have carried out a maintenance and cleaning protocol for our facilities for safe use by our clients and ourselves.

Among all those involved we can and must minimize the risk of SARS-Cov-2 infection and stop the pandemic in Spain.

· We have removed all superfluous elements of home decoration.

·         We have removed all information from existing brochures in the house, but any questions you have, we will be happy to solve it.

·         We have reduced household items to the minimum possible, if you need something additional you just have to let us know.

·         We remove all the clothes from the wardrobes. If you need something additional, all you have to do is ask.

·         We will leave you the keys previously disinfected.

·         An exhaustive cleaning of all the elements of the house will be carried out with the products recommended by the health authorities.

·         All sheets will be washed in the washing machine at 60ºC, bedspreads and towels left for each stay.

·         You will have bleach and hydroalcoholic gel, and masks if you request them.

· Between reservations we will have the house closed for a few days to be able to carry out the cleaning safely.

· To have as little contact as possible, you will have to send a photo of your D. N. I. and pay the day before the reservation the entire amount by transfer. At all times we will minimize physical contact and keep the safety distance.

Telephone numbers of interest :

Primary care by appointment: 949 93 15 03

Emergency assistance: 949 39 00 19

Guadalajara hospital care: 949 20 92 00.

Community Emergencies: 112